Inexpensive Above Ground Swimming Pools to Enjoy the Backyard Site and Activities

A swimming pool is an expansive trough filled with water, designed for water-based recreational activities. Like swimming pool shapes, their sizes and building materials vary. Above ground swimming pools are those baths that are built above the grounds instead of digging the ground. Above ground pools provide an extra cooling sensation that is particularly invigorating during hot summer days when the sun overhead scorches the skin. A best above ground pool at your backyard can provide visual pleasure with its sparkling clean blue water dancing with the sun rays reflecting upon them. These pools were introduced as an alternative to their pricey in ground brothers that take a considerable investment to be built.

Installation of this type of pools is relatively easy as they do not need construction works. With little or no boring at all, these pool facilities can be simply set up in no time. Aside, the maintenance of these pools are much easier and cheaper with their portable and non-concrete walls. Two choices that come with above ground swimming pools are hard and soft sided pools. Those with durable metal sidings made of plastic polymers, aluminum, steel and wood made for permanent use is named as the hardsided ones. The hardsided pools require a limited amount of ground preparations for leveling to be set up.

Above ground swimming pool

The softsided pools are permanent ones that are made of inflatables. They can be purchased from stores and installed over an empty patch of ground in the backyard by inflating and filling the interior with water. Extremely easy to assemble, they are very inexpensive and can be placed on any surface like concrete, grass, sand, etc. You can also get above ground swimming pools made of fiberglass, metal and plastic. A generous above ground pool measures 18 and 4 feet in diameter and depth, respectively. Reportedly, a portable pool takes only 30 minutes to get ready, including water filling it. An average water capacity of the above ground pools is 5,455 gallons that make it 80% full. Filling it 100% will cause the water to spill over, causing your garden to get flooded when someone gets in it.

The sidewalls are as tough as 30-gauge and are normally triple layered with the building material that adds strength to the unit. What’s smart about these pools is that you do not need sand to set it up on. The pool facility is fitted with a drain plug that both receives and drains out water through garden pipelines. To buy suitable above ground swimming pools, you need to measure up the available area of your yard. The features of the yard also need noticing to buy a pertinent pool. If you have a driveway or shed in your ward, then you need to calculate the space available to place the pool. Required space for decking and landscaping should be left out of the measurement.

Locate a dealer near your home to purchase the pools. An authorized dealer is best chosen for the purpose to gain access to a variety of top-quality durable pools.

The Complete Guide to Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Memory foam mattress toppers are supportive layers of memory foam that can be thrown over your existing mattress to provide an additional level of comfort and stability. Memory foam mattress toppers are mainly used by people who want to get a sample of the qualities provided by a memory foam mattress, but do not want to spend the amount of money that many of the top brands demand, or already have an adequate mattress but want to improve it.

If you are interested in switching over from another mattress type and would like to try out a mattress topper designed with memory foam, this guide to memory foam mattress toppers is for you.

Foam mattress topper

Different Factors to Consider

When it comes to purchasing a mattress topper, there are several things you will want to look into. This is especially true when purchasing mattress toppers designed with memory foam, as memory foam is a complex material that can be made in a variety of ways. Here are some of the things you should be on the lookout for.

Overall thickness – Memory foam mattress toppers are relatively thin, and typically range from 1-4 inches in overall thickness. The thickness of your mattress topper can provide you with a good indication of the level of firmness and support you can expect to receive from the topper, but this information is ultimately determined by measuring topper thickness in combination with topper density.

Density – By measuring the density of your memory foam mattress topper, you can get a good idea of how supportive it will be. Higher density translates to greater support and firmness, whereas lower density means that your mattress offers more of that sinking quality and overall softness. The density you ultimately choose depends on what works for you best. If you go for a thin mattress topper with a high density, you might get all of the support you need for a good night’s rest. On the other hand, to get the same support from a low density topper, it will need to be thicker. Keep in mind that you cannot expect the same feeling of support and comfort from a mattress topper as you would get with a full on mattress. This is because memory foam mattresses are designed with a variety of layers that can have different densities, making for a more-balanced overall support system.

Memory foam topper

Why Should I Buy A Memory Foam Mattress Topper?

Memory foam is becoming increasingly popular throughout the mattress market. This is because memory foam provides an excellent support for people with lower back pain or spinal problems. When laying down on a memory foam surface, you will instantly recognize the differences. Body parts that are heavier will sink in further and the mattress itself will contour according to the shape and weight of your body. It differs from latex in that it is less elastic and springy, so if you are looking for something that is more firm and supportive than latex, then you should consider memory foam.

You should look into purchasing a topper made from memory foam in situations where you would like to enjoy the benefits of memory foam without having to spend a lot of money on a memory foam mattress. Mattresses made with memory foam can be quite expensive and may be sold for as much as $2,500 dollars or more, whereas toppers are usually priced in the several hundred regions.

Final Points about Memory Foam Toppers

If you would like to buy a best memory foam mattress topper on the market, keep in mind that not all memory foam is the same. There are many lesser-known brands out there claiming to sell high-density memory foam at extraordinary prices. However, customers often find that the texture and quality of the memory foam they receive from these manufacturers is much worse than the sort offered by better-established brands. A good way to avoid this problem is to make sure that the mattress topper you are interested in has a good warranty that allows you to return it if it is unsatisfactory. Also, reading unbiased reviews from third parties can help you to get a clear idea of the mattress toppers that are worth your time and the ones that are not.

Memory foam mattress topper

The Best Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

In my opinion there are a few good companies making memory foam toppers. But I’m not here to endorse anyone but instead, I wanted to give you a sense of price, density and durability.

I am surprised at the one name you don’t see for toppers and mattress pads — Tempur-Pedic. For the life of me, I can’t see that that they make or sell toppers. Some of the other big names do and that’s a good thing, of course because competition is always good. When companies compete, the little guy (that’s us) wins!

I’m going to use a full-size bed for my price range. It seems like a good middling way to illustrate the price spectrum. You can spend as little as $40 and get an inch and half thick topper, but you trade off density. The best you can hope for at that price is a 2lb density. The durability will also be a trade off — a topper of that thickness and that density will last maybe two years of daily use. If you are looking for a topper for the guest bedroom, this would be great, a bargain, actually.

You can spend around $75 and get a pretty good memory foam/latex foam hybrid. You get better thickness and density for the price, but you are trading a true memory foam experience for pricing. Again, it might be just fine for your needs. If you are younger or not very heavy, a hybrid like this could serve you well for up to three years.

For about $150 you can get a “green” memory foam topper. The process used to make the foam is more environmentally friendly and it may be better for more sensitive folks. The chemical smells will still be there, but people report that the “green” foam smells disappear more quickly. The average topper in this class is three inches thick with a 4lb density. Unfortunately I can’t find any warranty info on this type of topper.

Above $150 it’s all about how thick the topper is and how dense the foam is. You can get an unbelievably thick 8 inch topper and 5 lb density toppers, if you want to spend the money.

The prices really vary — $40 to $250 — but most companies offer a topper in the $100 range and that’s a good place to be. You as a consumer can get a good night’s sleep without breaking the bank. Anything over $100 is window dressing, whether it’s a longer durability, better smells, or a softer touch.

Marcy Cardio Trampoline Trainer

Staying fit and losing excess weight is absolutely necessary for the human body. A person’s good health keeps the person active at all times and reduces the risk of the person getting infected by a disease or becoming a victim of any type of a viral flu.

Working people tend to have a much busier life and so, a high percentage of these people stated that they refrain from exercises as it takes up a lot of time and usually the person is required to go to the gym or the park in order to workout. This can be very inconvenient for busy people and so, many working people drop the idea of exercising all together. This is one of the reasons that the rate of obesity and sickness has increased over the past few years.

No matter how busy a person’s life is, nothing is more important than a good health. A best trampoline is the perfect equipment to help a person workout easily and the best kinds of trampolines for this purpose are the mini trampolines that are super portable. You can fold these trampolines up and store them away in the storage bag. These trampolines become so compact when folded that you can place them literally anywhere in the house.

The best benefit of mini trampolines is that you can place them anywhere. You can use it in your basement if you do not have a backyard or if the outdoor weather is not good. Just remember one thing that when you place a trampoline in the house, make sure that the roof of the room is not very low, for example the slope of the roof in an attic. Place the trampoline away from any wall or furniture so in case you trip and fall, you do not hurt yourselves much.

Marcy Cardio Trampoline Trainer

It would be a good idea to place soft mats around the trampoline so you do not crash on a hard surface in case you fall.

Some people even prefer to carry their trampoline to gyms in order to use it for their cardio workout. Others take their trampoline with them when they travel to another city or when they go camping. Mini trampolines are sometimes even used by children as most mini trampolines come with an handle.

This Marcy Cardio Trampoline is supported by 6 legs which keeps the trampoline very stable. This high quality trampoline can support up to 250 pounds worth of weight of the jumper. Only one person should and can use this trampoline at a time.

This trampoline is mostly used by people who workout for their cardio workouts. This unit weighs 22.9 pounds and most people take this to the gym as it is light enough that one can carry it for short distances. One can store this trampoline easily in their home or car as it folds up into 4 tiny sections.

Trampolining is said to help a lot with weight loss goals and so, most people who follow weight loss diets prefer to make trampolines a part of their routine. Research shows that 30 minutes of walk is equal to 10 minutes of this rebounding exercise. Trampolining helps with to warm up and workout various parts of the body such as a wide range of muscle groups including legs, hips, and shoulders. This makes trampolining a very good source of exercise. The benefits of using the trampoline also includes improved cardiovascular health and minimized risk of heart disease. Due to this, every person should take part in rebounding exercises and trampolines are the best equipment for this purpose.

This Marcy Cardio Trampoline is a good investment for those who prefer to stay fit and healthy. One can start using the trampoline slowly by simply rebounding at the start but with time, the jumper can carry out different exercises on the trampoline for better results in weight loss.

This trampoline by Marcy is considered extra safe as it is made up of bands instead of springs. Mostly accidents and injuries related to trampolines are caused due to limbs getting pinched in the springs. Such accidents will not occur for jumpers using this trampoline as springs do not exist in it and the bands are covered with a protective cloth.

Guy Day Friday [Protein Energy Bites]

Have I mentioned that our stove has been broken for more than 2 weeks now? It’s terrible. We’ve used our griddle and crock pot for meals but seriously, there is SO MUCH you need a stove for! My husband is likely getting tired of me telling him we should just forget the warranty company and go buy a new one (I REALLY WANT TO BE ABLE TO USE A STOVE!). Anyway, I made these delicious protein energy bites to travel with us for the holidays and since they’re no-bake, it worked out perfectly.



1 c. quick oats (I actually used steel cut)
1 TBS flax seeds
1/2 cup Chocolate Chips (or dark chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, raisins, craisins, almonds, walnuts)
2/3 c. coconut flakes
2/3 c. peanut butter (I used crunchy! Almond butter would also be good!)
1/3 c. honey (or agave nectar!)
1 tsp. vanilla


1 TBS protein powder



Mix all ingredients in same bowl until combined well (I used my hands but a wooden spoon would work too)


Put in refrigerator for 30 minutes until mixture cools/hardens a bit

Roll out into 1 inch balls  on wax paper


Should make 20-25 balls per batch. Keep refrigerated. Good for up to 5 days (I doubt they’ll last that long after you try the first one! SOOOO good!).

Let me know if you try other ingredients, I’d love to know what flavor combinations you come up with!

Having it ALL

Last week, I had the opportunity to go to NYC for work. As much as I’ve traveled, it was actually my first time in the city, so I played tourist and went to all the hot spots. It was a quick, but fun trip that reaffirmed I am not a city girl.


While I was there, I met up with an old friend and frolicked around Chelsea checking out sites such as Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment from Sex & the City, the Friends apartment, and Diane Von Furstenberg’s place (I also got to meet her while I was there!).


After cupcakes and coffee and a major catch up session (haven’t seen her in 10 years!), she made the comment that I needed to share my secrets with her because I seemed to have it all. This was mostly based on what she has seen me post on Facebook and Instagram over the years, and we all know that we only post our best on social media.


I am also guilty of comparing my not-so-good days to what I see others posting on social media. Sometimes it makes me wish I didn’t have a full time job. Sometimes it makes me wish I could just hop on a plane and go to some far away place to explore. Often it makes me wish that I was the one who found puppies on the side of the road (where are these roads?? I have NEVER found a box of puppies!). But seriously, most of the time when we’re comparing ourselves to others, we’re not in our best spots. WE ARE ALL IN DIFFERENT PLACES. I am not in the same place as my cousin who is almost the same age as me. I’m not in the same place as my college roommate. I’m not in the same place as my best friend. I am not in the same place as the people I follow on Instagram. But sometimes we lose that…. especially when we see people doing things that we want to do or having things that we want or even see people achieving life milestones that we haven’t yet.


I told this friend that we all feel that way at some point. There were times where I felt like everyone else had it together and I was kind of wading through. I got disheartened after being passed up for jobs. I got even more disheartened when I made it to the next level and then all of the jobs I wanted were in Boston. But each time, something came up and it happened to be just at the right time (but not exactly the time I wanted it to happen). Aside from jobs, I went through the whole wanting to be engaged/married thing, too. My husband and I lived together after four months. We shared a home, dogs, grocery bills… heck, we even rode to work together! It felt like we already WERE doing the married thing, but also, there’s so much freaking social pressure (can we stop that?). I felt like we SHOULD be in that place because people asked me/us all the time, we were of a certain age, all of our friends were doing it, and every weekend I’d see a new batch of rings in my newsfeed. And when he proposed, it was the right time. We are all on our own journey and it’s the right one. I think as long as you’re happy, living the life you want to and headed in the general direction of where you want to be, then you’re in the right place.


I also made sure to tell my friend that I am fortunate and I know it. I would not be where I am without the support of amazing family and friends, meeting some of the best people I possibly could have early on in my career and retaining a few of them as mentors/sponsors, having the opportunity to go to grad school and while I know I’ve worked really hard at my job, to have my home, to be able to travel, I still attribute a lot of it to being in the right place, with the right people, at the right time. Also, I’m a planner, so I always have my next goal in mind. I’m always saving for the next trip. I have an answer to that pesky interview question of “where do you see yourself in five years?” Wherever that might be for you personally, keep at it. Being persistent, making connections, staying positive and moving forward are the best things you can do. You have to put yourself out there whether it is for relationships or jobs, and while they don’t always turn out the way you hoped, once in a while they do – and you’ll know when that happens. I don’t have it all, but I have all that I need.

(PS – Friend, I am rooting for you. You are so successful in the eyes of many and I know even bigger and better things are coming. KEEP trying. KEEP doing what you’re doing.)

30 Before 30

It hit me this past weekend that I’m almost 30. For so long, 30 seemed old. Now it’s kind of the new 20 (but you go to bed earlier and can’t drink as much). It’s funny that at 18, I thought I would have been married for at least 5 years by now, and have a couple of kids, living in Raleigh, NC, and have a house-full of dogs, too. Even at 22, I thought I’d have kids by now.


But we don’t. Instead, we have our two furbabies that I treat like kids (we celebrated Tucker’s 8th birthday this weekend with a trip to Petsmart for new toys that he picked out, a big belly rub and cuddle-sesh mid-morning, a long walk with the whole family and then cupcakes after dinner).


At almost 30, I think we’ll definitely have a kid by the time 32 rolls around for me (35 for my husband), maybe even two – but we’re not in a hurry. First we want to travel more, starting with our European vacation this summer and South Africa next spring. Knocking a few more things off the list before we change up our lives completely.


I have always LOVED celebrating birthdays (or any other random holiday, or reason I can find to celebrate). Some of my favorite birthdays have been spent having large gatherings with friends, or visiting beaches with my husband (this year we did Key West). I was inspired by a few lists/challenges I’ve seen others doing to knock things off of a somewhat “bucket list” before they turn 30.


Emily Thomas, author of Em For Marvelous is doing a 60 before 30 list. Some girls I went to college with are trying to rack up 30 race medals before they turn 30. I think I’ll stick with being my random self and doing just 30 different things before I turn 30.


30 before 30

  1. Do 3 more 10k runs (equaling 30k) — 2nd goal? Get my sister-in-law to run one with me.
  2. Volunteer for 30 hours with a charity (or multiple charities)
  3. Do 30 hours of yoga
  4. Visit Paris
  5. Visit London
  6. Visit Ireland
  7. Foster (3) dogs (if I said 30, I might be getting divorced before I turn 30, so we’ll stick with 3)
  8. Go to Charleston
  9. Go to Savannah
  10. Read 30 books
  11. Write 30 blog posts
  12. Go on a tropical vacation (I’m thinking Costa Rica, Belize, Turks & Caicos, San Juan…)
  13. Take a cooking class
  14. Help 5 more items be crossed off the Pretty in Pink bucket lists
  15. Celebrate our two year wedding anniversary (and 6 year dating anniversary)
  16. Visit Tonya in Colorado
  17. Go zip-lining
  18. Have an album with our wedding/anniversary pictures created
  19. Run another half marathon | Hokie Half | Jekyll Island Half | Savannah Half
  20. Pay off another student loan
  21. Re-organize our master closet
  22. Get a porch swing (or my grandfather’s glider)
  23. Learn how to use my SLR in manual
  24. Learn how to do calligraphy (I have the class paid for, all the materials…. time?)
  25. See Florence + the Machine in concert
  26. Spend a weekend with my BFF Sarah
  27. Meet my BFF Brittney’s new son, Holden
  28. Go whitewater rafting
  29. Eat more tomatoes from our garden than the squirrels do this year
  30. Get my thesis published

I know some of these items are technically already planned, and that’s okay. I need to follow thru with them. I’m excited to tackle these things in the next 10 months, and to continue working on saying ‘yes’ when people ask us to do things (instead of eating in our neighborhood and binge watching House of Cards), being more patient with people, trying to be more timely / not 5 minutes late to everything in life, and crushing it at work.


The last one is tough for me because I’ve gotten in a groove and I feel pretty good at my job, I’m recognized for doing a good job and I’m in a good place. There have been some opportunities lately that I’ve looked into but they’ve all asked that I move to Boston if offered the job and I just don’t want to move to Boston. I LOVE Charlotte. I love our life here. I love our friends here. I love our house here. I love how close we are to both of our families. And I know that if I move there, I won’t have the chance to move back here and stay with the same company (most likely – things change!). NC feels like home to us. For the right opportunity, we might consider moving, but right now I’m in a good spot, and I’m okay. I don’t need a career change. So… yeah. Onto tackling my 30 before 30 list. I will update as items are able to be marked off.


I’m still trying to raise money to help cancer champions mark items off of their bucket lists, you can read more and donate here. I heard about another lady in NC trying to do a similar thing (on a larger scale) and I am going to try to combine forces with her. Stay tuned!

Be Spontaneous



My husband and I saw that one of our favorite bands was going to be within 4 hours of us (they haven’t been to Charlotte yet!), so we scooped up tickets and booked a hotel in Knoxville, Tennessee for the following weekend. We realized that we would be going right through Asheville, NC on the way and made plans to stop in for lunch and a stroll.img_1028
First stop was at Lexington Avenue Brewery (LAB) for some beer and lunch. We walked around a little beforehand but quickly decided on a place when our hunger set in. This place had a creative menu, craft beer and no wait. Triple winner.


We each got soup (roasted pepper bisque with cilantro oil for me, stew for him) and then split a couple small plates (or ridiculously large portion of bison nachos).


After loading up on some dried lavender from the Herbiary shop, we started the second leg of our trip to Knoxville. I searched for bears on the mountainside while my husband drove.


We had a great view of Knoxville from our hotel. My only experiences with Knoxville previously were one short stay for work two years ago (oddly enough, same hotel), and many stops through on my way as a kid from VA to Nashville to visit my cousin. I had no idea what Knoxville was really like!


We had about a half mile walk into the ‘Old City’ area, where we had planned to have dinner. I took this opportunity to play with the art in the city.


Dogs? YES. Also, can I get a replica of this for our yard?


The old city area was ADORABLE. It was bustling with people who were watching March Madness games, heading to our same concert and just out and about. The place we really wanted to go (Stock and Barrel) had a two hour wait. They served s’mores and nutella milkshakes which sounded amazing, so I debated on this wait for all of three seconds before realizing it was absurd to wait that long. Next time, Stock and Barrel, next time.


We ended up at Not Watsons, which was delicious. My husband had chicken and waffles, which I found to be amazing. His only complaint was that it was chicken tenders versus a whole breast. That syrup though!


I got a black bean, kale and avocado wrap which was also amazing and healthy. I felt pretty good about that choice after seeing how heavy the chicken and waffles were (but again, they were delicious). After dinner, we headed towards the Tennessee Theatre for our show.



The inside of the theatre was intricate and beautiful. And the sound…. wow. It sounded incredible. The openers were surprisingly good, although new to the scene.


Alabama Shakes were everything we expected and more. Brittany’s voice is even more incredible than it sounds on their records. I loved watching her on stage. She’s so passionate and full of energy and just totally rocked that place. It was definitely worth the four hour drive.



We figured we might as well explore UT’s campus while we were there and check out the football stadium. It was pretty impressive in size (compared to Virginia Tech’s Lane Stadium) but the design looked industrial and uninviting.

I’m sure it gets pretty rowdy in there and clearly people love going to games but aesthetically it’s not the best looking stadium.


But it’s always fun to check out other stadiums when we’re in town. Looking forward to the UT/VT game in Bristol! GO HOKIES.


We made our mid-morning commute back to Asheville with plans to stop in for lunch again. We walked around a little, enjoyed some street music and then grabbed some burgers at Jack of the Wood.


No pictures of the food because we devoured it but we did decide to make a stop in French Broad Chocolate Lounge for some dessert.


And I snapped pictures before we scarfed it down. We couldn’t decide on one thing (or even one thing EACH) so we picked three small items to share and the hubs got some coffee for the ride home.


I loved our weekend getaway and roadtrip. We saw so many things in so little time. We had amazing food, heard great music, and had lots of time together. spontaneity worked out for us on this one – now maybe I can convince my husband to take that spontaneous trip to Belize, Honduras or Costa Rica? *Wishful Thinking* But I can say that we both thoroughly enjoyed this trip!


Don’t forget to enter the giveaway to support breast cancer champions!


It’s been a little over six months since I started trying to raise money for breast cancer champions to help them mark items off of their bucket lists. We’ve done some great things through donations, including:

  • Beth: Horseback riding
  • Elaine: Trip to Bald Head Island
  • Adrienne: Race car driving experience
  • Michelle: Hang gliding experience in OBX
  • Julie G: Learn to speak French

But I think we can do more. And I have all of these items that were donated to help raise money and I’m going to give them ALL away from March 10 – April 10, 2015.

The instructions are simple, and you can earn extra entries simply by sharing on social media. My goal is to double what we’ve already raised and help at least 5 more champions mark something off of their bucket list by the time summer rolls around. Want to enter? Follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Best of luck to everyone. Please share (even if you don’t donate to enter) so that we can help as many of these champions as possible. I’m looking forward to the Pretty in Pink Fashion Walk in Wilmington this year and being able to see so many of these smiling faces. Learn more about the Pretty in Pink Foundation and the work they do to help women with breast cancer.

It’s not always puppies and rainbows

I can’t tell you how many nights I’ve stayed up late sharing links to pictures of dogs in shelters with rescues. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cried sobbed hysterically over the dogs that I can’t save. The perfect, healthy, friendly, adorable dogs that are in the shelters due to no fault of their own. I can’t tell you how much it BREAKS MY HEART to know that I can’t save them all. Hell, some days I can’t even save the ones I desperately am trying to. So tonight, when I was berated by someone about how I shouldn’t share pictures of dogs who are on the “euth list” at the local shelter if I’m not able to save them, it took everything I had to keep my cool.


I run social media accounts for a local rescue and I VOLUNTEER my time to share details of dogs in need of fosters, to make sure I include pictures and whether they are kid and pet friendly. I respond to every message we get. I share details on how to get in touch for anyone who wants to foster, adopt, volunteer on the weekends. I control the messages on the site but that’s it. I don’t control the dogs that the rescues choose to pull. I don’t control the adoption process. I don’t control anything but social media. But I can tell you this…


In order to save a dog’s life, fosters are needed. A foster home is not a permanent home for the dog. A foster home for a dog is similar to a foster home for a child. You provide shelter, love and attention. The rescue will provide food, collar/leash, crates, and any other necessities. The rescue will cover the vetting of the dog. If you can’t transport the dog to the vet appointments or adoption events on weekends, most rescues will have other volunteers that can assist. But without foster homes, dogs can’t be saved. Most rescues do not have shelters of their own and therefore, they rely on volunteers who will open their homes and save a life.


I can also tell you that all that money you think rescues are making from adoptions, doesn’t even begin to cover their expenses. The average, healthy puppy would cost you around $500 to get vetted through it’s puppy shots and spay/neuter. However, puppies that come from shelters often have kennel cough, or worse, parvovirus or heart worm. Both of which are incredibly expensive to treat. Heart worm treatment can be $500 alone. Parvo, even if treated, is still sometimes deadly. So sometimes, rescues make the call not to pull those dogs that are heart worm positive, have tumors, have parvo, or whatever disease/issue it may be because they simply don’t have the funds. Adoption fees and donations help. Rescues are run by volunteers who spend more time than you could ever imagine working hard to save dogs from high-kill shelters and bad situations (neglect, hoarding, fighting, puppy mills).


And for those of you who say you couldn’t go in the shelter… I understand, BUT DO IT ANYWAY. Go visit your local shelter. Take pictures. Take videos. Volunteer. Walk the dogs. Reach out to rescues and tell them how the dogs are on a leash, with people, with other dogs/cats/kids. Help with adoption events. Ignorance may be bliss, but I promise it’s much more blissful when you get a response from a rescue saying that they’ll help. Or your video of a broken down dog gets 1900 views in less than 12 hours and people are begging to foster that dog. It is so much more blissful to know that you helped, however little it was, to save a life.


“I’d rather attempt to do something great and fail than to attempt to do nothing and succeed.” – Robert Schuller

I must have shared thousands of dog posts over the past couple years. And begged my husband to let me foster/adopt half of them. And now that I have the lovely TimeHop app, I get reminders of the ones that were saved and the ones that weren’t. Did you know that some shelters have folders for pictures of the dogs that didn’t make it out? It’s heart-wrenching. It’s a powerful reminder that you can’t save them all. BUT, there’s also an album full of pictures of the ones who were saved. And hopefully, there are a lot more pictures in that album than the other. (Gaston County Animal Shelter is a high-kill shelter in rural NC (outside of Charlotte, NC). And while they have made GREAT strides over the past few years, there are still too many GOOD dogs being put to sleep). Cumberland, Rowan and Union County are all high-kill shelters, too. They all need more people to get the word out.


So, I won’t apologize for the Facebook news feeds that I’ve blown up with pictures of sad puppies in the shelter. I won’t apologize for begging for fosters. I won’t apologize for bashing buying from breeders and pet stores. There are thousands of dogs dying in shelters EVERY DAY. Don’t get angry at the people who are working their asses off to save lives day in and day out. I’m sorry that we might not be able to save that dog. Trust me, it hurts my heart, too. I shared the picture to TRY to help that dog. I shared the picture in hopes someone would want to adopt. That a rescue would want to pull her. But not so you could tell me how wrong it was that I shared her picture in the first place. At least I did something.

Want to help? Research local rescues or shelters in your area and ask them what you can do. Pictures, transport, foster, helping at adoption events. You can’t make a difference by sitting on your ass and wishing. Do something. Anything. Every little bit helps. Even if it’s just a “like” and a “share” on a Facebook picture. EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS.

Warm Weather Dreaming!

I woke up to a blanket of snow on the ground and big, fluffy flakes falling from the sky. Not quite what I expected after a pretty warm weekend. Also, not what I expected as I’ve been daydreaming of spring for a while now. We made the best of it and had a little fetch party before I had to start working.


Since we’re all going to need warmer clothes for the foreseeable future, I decided it’s time for another giveaway!


This gorgeous original Bostonian scarf (My2Shay) is up for grabs (and trust me, it will KEEP you warm!).


Also, two fun sets of earrings are looking for a new owner (Painted Pearl), keep one for yourself and give one to a friend!

Simple rules: 

1. Donate $5 (or more! Feel free to be generous) to the Pretty in Pink Bucket List project (read more here)

2. Share the blog post on Twitter or Facebook with buttons

3. Comment on the blog that you donated (make sure your comment has your same name that shows when you donated)

This cause is near and dear to my heart and I would love to continue making dreams come true for some breast cancer champions. Last year, there were so many items crossed off of bucket lists because of generous people like YOU. Let’s do it again in 2015! 

Giveaway runs through midnight on Thursday (3/5/15). Only open to U.S. participants. Must do all three steps (will be verified) in order to win. *Entries from past giveaway will be honored for those who donated $25 or $50*